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07 April 2020
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    Full-time drivers

     We occasionally have vacancies for Coach Drivers.

    If you want to drive for Henry Crawford's you will need to be a cut above the rest. Our standards are high - you must be a true professional.

    You'll need to be:        

    o   a good driver                                 

    o        well presented

    o        enthusiastic and hard working

    o        good with customers

    We usually look for experienced coach drivers with Manual PCV driving licences for Single Deck Coaches. Clean licences are preferred, but some endorsements may be acceptable.

    We positively welcome applications from drivers over 50.

    Part-time drivers

    We are keen to hear from potential part-time drivers. It is an interesting and enjoyable opportunity, especially for men or women who are unable to make a full-time commitment. Our standards are high, however, and part-time drivers must attain the same high levels of professionalism as our large team of full-time drivers.

    How to apply                     

    For all recruitment enquiries, please contact Jim Crawford, General Manager, on 01505 850456. 

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